Euro Cabins New Zealand General Features

No building consents are required to install our cabins on your property.

  • Will not corrode, rot, or leak - unlike timber or metal.

  • Lightweight and easy to relocate.

  • NO maintenance - no painting ever needed.

  • Highest quality available and highly durable.

  • Fully insulated - warm and draught free.

Our cabins are made with marine grade fibreglass moulded panels coated with a pigmented GEL-COAT in off-white.
This produces a surface that requires no maintenance (other than an occasional hose down).

Our cabins are resistant to ultra-violet sunlight and can withstand temperatures from -25 C to 60 C.

Our cabins are ideal as:

  • an extra bedroom

  • storage room

  • guest room

  • beach bach

  • man cave

  • office

  • studio

They are also suited for farm or homestay accommodation.


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