Euro Cabins New Zealand Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What kind of set-up do I need to have for a cabin?

A.   You need a reasonably level (flat) ground area. An uneven site area can easily be packed
       or built up to the necessary level. We locate and level the cabin for you.


Q.  Do the cabins have power?

A.  Our cabins can be plugged directly into a standard power point or caravan outlet.


Q.  Do you deliver the cabins?

A.  Yes, we can arrange delivery (POA) or you can sort your own.


Q.  My site is difficult to access or get a truck into. Will you be able to move the cabin onto it?

A.  No problem.  We can, if needed, assemble on site.

Q.  What does it cost to have the cabin assembled on site?

A:  Please enquire as it depends on the location.


Q.  Are the cabins heavy?

A.  No, they only weigh about 850kg.

Q.  What maintenance will I have to do on the cabin?

A.  None. Just wash occasionally with a hose to keep clean.  And clean the windows!

Q.  Can the windows and door be moved to other positions?

A.  Yes.


Q.  Where can I view a cabin/sleepout?

A.  We have a display unit in Papakura.  Please enquire.

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